Walk the ancient paths of Evoramonte

The Village

This walk follows a route inside the castle walls, although on occasion we might leave the walled grounds to observe some special point of interest, event or natural phenomenon.
Very accessible, the route takes in the main points of historical and cultural interest of the neighbourhood, based on our recounting of the history of Evoramonte. It includes a visit to the Tower and the Chapel of Mercy (booking required).

Level of difficulty: easy

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 30 € per person


There are a large number of hermitages in the area surrounding Evoramonte, and on this route we will show some of them to our visitors.
The route has a certain level of difficulty due to the irregular terrain encountered and some steep ascents and descents, such is the lay of the land here. It is, however, possible to adapt the route to avoid these difficult sections to suit visitors with reduced mobility.
In total, the route takes in five hermitages outside the castle: Santa Margarida, São Sebastião, Santo Estêvão, Santa Rita e São Marcos, as well as visiting some ancient wells that provided water to the village in times past.
The route itself is spectacular: it winds through scenic countryside, following ancient olive groves flanked by centuries-old olive trees.

Level of difficulty: medium

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Price: 35 € per person

Around the Castle

On this route (medium difficulty), we follow the ancient olive groves that lead to the wells and fountains around the castle, serving as sources of drinking water to its inhabitants.
Here, once again the route follows stone walls, passes through olive groves, rural paths and trails, taking in sights of ancient legend and set against breath-taking landscapes.

Level of difficulty: medium

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 35 € per person

Visit to the Cork Oak Forest

On this route we aim to show visitors the special Cork Oak Forest ecosystem itself, with its abundant flora and fauna, verdant landscape and striking biodiversity. This medium-difficulty walk follows a scenic route that offers the opportunity to admire cork trees, olive groves and other species native to the ecosystem of the region.

Level of difficulty: medium

Duration: 4 horas

Price: 35 € per person