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Andar a Monte / Cork Oak Forest Walks is a family-run business born from the desire and need to share Evoramonte’s rich heritage. We are Mother and Daughter, Helena and Matilde, and together we started this company in July 2018. We bring together the enthusiasm for this region, its people and customs, with our foreign language skills (German, English and French). We offer to guide you through the villages of this locality imparting the stories and folklore legends of the Enchanted Moura, of snakes that hoard treasures and portals to other worlds.
Evoramonte is situated on the western end of the Serra d’Ossa mountains, in Central Alentejo. Due to its strategic spot, it has played an important role in the creation and history of Portugal. There are also signs that it has been a significant location since ancient times. Nowadays, it’s an extremely pleasant destination with an abundance of history and breath-taking scenery.

Walking Tours

(Accompanied by a Local Guide)

We currently have four established routes, one inside the castle walls, and the others in the scenic area surrounding the Castle of Evoramonte. The routes are relatively accessible, and through them we aim to show the beauty and rich heritage of the region.
Depending on the time of year and/or visitors’ interests, we highlight different aspects of our heritage. This is olive-growing country, and if for example, it is the time of year that olive harvesting takes place, we might focus on this – or some other activity related to cultivation of the olive groves – if visitors are interested. Alternatively, we might highlight the fascinating way that water has historically been supplied to those living within the castle walls.
We also enjoy sharing local wisdom, stories and interesting facts about the area with our visitors.
We can adapt the walks to combine aspects of different routes, so that visitors have the most enjoyable experience according to their interests. We will be strolling around what was historically one of the most important regions of the Central Alentejo, and which still stands out today for its beauty and the richness of the landscape, as well as its striking architecture and vibrant cultural scene.

The Village

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